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Hello! I'm Anthony and I like to laugh at my own jokes. I also really like it when people call me prince/princess.

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  ”You’re cute!”

The Mikoshiba Brothers!!


but then Aomine took a selfie with that outfit

HBD Miku and Aomine~~~!


happy birthday world’s most popular 2D idol! 


「I mean, I mean, I'm so lonely...
Yet even so, I'd fallen in love with you,
Oh, why? Why? It makes no sense,
I'd fallen in a now-dirty, now-filthy love.」

Hello everyone! I managed to finish another IA cover. This time I chose to have IA sing Tsunamaru’s Rakenaria no Me or, Bud of Lachenalia! It’s a beautiful light and fluffy song with a rather upsetting meaning behind it, as are like the rest of Tsunamaru’s songs. I thought IA’s voice really fit this type of style and I’m really glad that this came out so nicely! I hope you can all enjoy my hard work!

Please like or reblog to spread this around! I’d love to share this video with others and be able to get some constructive criticism on how I’m doing mixing and tuning wise!

Thank you all again so much for listening and sharing!
(And thank you Rachie for encoding for me again <3)

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these precious speedobros


some things never change